Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Republican auto de fe

The rage driving Republicans as they face a historic loss of power in a couple of weeks is causing their vicious attacks to bounce off of their intended victims and to ricochet back on themselves – setting these human rage torches up in flames.

When Deval Patrick won the Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial nomination in September I thought his upbeat, charismatic style would invite the traditionally vitriolic attack ads from Patrick’s Republican opponent, Kerry Healey. Furthermore, I hoped and anticipated that Healey’s campaign would backfire because I thought that the Massachusetts electorate was looking for a change from the divisive political tactics that have helped Republicans gain office in recent years. According to the
Boston Globe’s Joan Vennochi, this is just what’s happened as Patrick is now favored to win 53% of the vote to Healey’s 26%.

A similar auto-de-fe is happening on a national scale in the form of Republican radio host, Rush Limbaugh’s mockery of a video supporting stem cell research produced by Parkinson’s Disease sufferer
Michael J. Fox. Video of Limbaugh’s reaction is making him look just a bit insensitive and off his rocker. It’s unclear whether people who claim to have religious values would view his reaction charitably or not.

If the polls are anywhere close to being right, America is finally waking up to the downside of the rabid Republican hate machine. Let’s hope that the Republican control of the polling places is not able to overcome the great blue wave on its way to Washington to put out the Republican fire.


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