Wednesday, July 13, 2005

W stands for whopper

It seems that the cumulative weight of five years of lethal lies is finally catching up with the administration, according to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll. Only 41% of those polled thought the president was honest, down from 50% since January.

While it is not uncommon for politicians to prevaricate, the current president has come up with some costly whoppers:

Compared to all these false claims, it is interesting that the one evoking the most focused press furor has far lower human costs – Karl Rove’s involvement in violating the cover of a CIA operative, Valerie Plameabout two years after fervent White House denials of same.

However, this firestorm ties together some of this administration’s important operating principles:

  • Fixing the facts – here a link between Uranium and Saddam -- to fit the president’s will;
  • Destroying political opponents – Joe Wilson and his wife – through fingerprint-free machinations; and
  • Protecting the loyal – Karl Rove and Bob Novak – while punishing the enemy – The New York Times.

Whether or not Rove emerges from this battle unscathed, history will well remember this presidency and its headline will be: W Stands for Whopper.


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